Apple’s Icons on iOS and OS X

As a part of my Master-thesis “ANALYSIS OF THE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE DESIGN ON OPERATING SYSTEM” at IT-University (in the spring of 2016) – I made an analysis of the icon design on two operating system. Background: Apple introduced iPhone in 2007, followed by the iPad in 2010, and with the introduction of new devices […]


Master in IT, Interaction Design

On 20th of june 2016, a new titel was received after finishing a Master-degree in Interaction design at IT-University in Copenhagen. The Master-thesis name is: ‘Graphical User Interface Design – Analyzing the Graphical User Interface Design on Operating Systems’. Included in the report are case studies of Apple (iOS and OS X) and Microsoft (Windows). Furthermore, two […]


Bauhaus didn’t have Service Design…

In 1998, I finished my studies at Konstfack – University of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Konstfack’s vision at that time was based on Bauhaus design principles and the notion of simplicity, minimalism and form follow function etc. Bauhaus being the Art & Design […]


Dynamic web design

Redesign of a Website & Social Media Strategy This text is based on a draft from a fictive redesign and a social media strategy made as a final assignment at the course “Dynamic Web design” at IT-University, Copenhagen in 2015. The practice of web design is multidisciplinary, but the following text and redesign only concerns branding, […]


Webdesign trend 2015

Visibility on the front page   Working as a designer in my own graphic design consultancy Keep Your Darlings – I am pleased to see that websites are becoming more and more visual and not being so text-oriented any longer. The improvement of technology, more advanced browsers and faster internet speed are three factors that […]


Landing page

What is a landing page? The front page is the first encounter a visitor have with a website and therefore it should be like the cover of a book; it should be eye-catching and create curiosity. But for me a landing page is something else and my definition is based on a broader definition by […]